REST API Development

One of the most popular types of API is REST or, also sometimes known as, RESTful APIs. REST or RESTful APIs were designed to take advantage of existing protocols. While REST - or Representational State Transfer - can be used over nearly any protocol, when used for web APIs it typically takes advantage of HTTP. This means that developers have no need to install additional software or libraries when creating a REST API.

One of the key advantages of REST APIs is that they provide a great deal of flexibility. Data is not tied to resources or methods, so REST can handle multiple types of calls, return different data formats and even change structurally with the correct implementation of hypermedia. This flexibility allows developers to build an API that meets your needs while also meeting the needs of very diverse customers.

We programs RESTful APIs to interface and integrate numerous apps, systems and services together across the entire ecosystem.

Web Service Protocols

We utilize web services to improve application interoperability. Our expertise includes XML and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file formats, RESTful APIs, HTTP and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and web services discovery tools. We also develop with open standard protocols like HTML5, XML, and the TCP/IP suite.

Custom Web API Integration

Our experts program web services for desktop, mobile, cloud-based applications, console and IOT. We implement internal and external web APIs and custom web services, while leveraging exposed third-party web services. Our web service development solutions enable sharing of resources, data, business logic, documents, programs, messages, and objects, using both peer-to-peer and client-server models.

RESTful Web Service APIs

We program RESTful APIs using HTTP protocols and JSON data, for stateless client-server web services that are browser agnostic and cacheable. We use REST when developing data-driven applications, social media integrations, mobile apps, and tools that require substantial scalability, stable performance, and the ability to efficiently reconfigure code.

JSON Web Service APIs

We provide custom JSON generators and JSON APIs that implement language-independent, lightweight web services, representing robust object and array data structures. We use JSON programming for web apps and mobile apps to transmit structured, serialized database connections. We also use JSON development solutions alongside AJAX applications and RESTful web services.

API as a Service

We develop web APIs and APIs as a Service (APIaaS) using common web services and protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, REST, AJAX, and TCP/IP. We use Docker containers if needed and HTTP interfaces for executing API-based microservices with custom business logic.

API Testing and Automation

We design and configure API integration testing platforms to automate validation, functional, UI, load, runtime, security and penetration testing. We use API testing platforms like Postman, Rest-Assured, and HttpMaster to perform exploratory API tests, manage testing automation protocols and visualize tests.