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When we enter the corporate world as an IT fresher we face lots of challenges and hurdles in our early days, if we are aware of things that we should avoid, then we can prepare ourselves in advance to face them head on/

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ePRO Patient Diary reported outcomes are patient-provided information about symptoms, side effects, drug timing and other questions recorded on an electronic device during a clinical trial. Patient-reported outcomes (PRO) are helpful for measuring quality of life outcomes from a clinical trial that can't be measured in other ways, such as pain symptoms.

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The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is by far the worst global crisis of our times and the greatest challenge to humanity. Since its emergence in China late last year, the virus has spread to just about every country.

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Designed to increase both the accuracy and efficiency of clinical trial data collection and analysis, ePRO tools have helped to revolutionize the clinical trials lifecycle and are continuing to shape the future of clinical trials.