Freelancer’s Entrepreneur World vs Corporate World vs My Experience and Perspective


As humans we usually tend to compare. We compare our life with our friend’s life and other people in our social surrounding. We usually tend to benchmark how our life is supposed to be. Our minds usually work on references. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Why compare yourself to others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of “Being You” than “YOU”. I cannot say this too strongly

Do not compare yourselves to others. Be true to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might.

Daisaku Ikeda

Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.

Shannon L. Alder

Life is always unique and so are you and me. So there can be no one place to be. There can be no one way to be, no one way to practice, no one way to learn, no one way to love, no one way to grow and to heal, no one way to live and no one way to WORK! Everyone owns a Style and it’s your style and your way!! Trust your way and style!! May be right or wrong, just do it, what your gut feeling asks you do. There is always a scope and way to look back and learn from your own mistakes.

Entrepreneur’s World – My Perspective: -

Maybe it won’t work out.
But maybe seeing if it does will be the best Adventure ever.
Never discredit your gut Instinct. You are not being a Paranoid.
Your body can pick up vibrations. If deep inside you feel something will work out. It surely will. Trust It!!!
For Me it's was like a “Pudhcha Paaul”. Thanks to my husband who has faced the challenges and is already an entrepreneur.

Being an Entrepreneur is truly not as simple as we preserve it when we are employed for a Corporate. Apart from the hardship and conflicts that we preserve and face in Corporates, being in Corporate truly gives you an immense amount of security. All you have to do it is take each day as it comes along. Suddenly the job security and financial security falls immensely the moment you quit the big fat Corporate Job and decide to start something on your Own. Once you start up as an Entrepreneur and when days and months go by is when you realise how pampered where you in a corporate environment. Right from working environment to booking meeting rooms and team dynamics is not an effort when you are in a Corporate. It’s all because you don’t see it from an Employer’s perspective. The moment you outgrow this state of mind, you are a true Entrepreneur in real terms and start thinking and work towards your Dream!!! It’s truly a big Step to quit and start it all over again. It's indeed a “Pudhcha Paaul”!!!

In Freelancing Business, nobody knows your unique competency apart from the close circle of Industry colleagues who know you. So you are responsible to make yourself VISIBLE unlike in a corporate environment where there are set Performance Appraisal Processes where you get to talk about your work. Of course Being an entrepreneur gives you an absolute free hand to Implement the Idea that you have conceived in your mind without major approvals. You’re the Boss and you are the doer. Of course deciding on which partner and team members to recruit can turn-around your Business. I am sure Trust, Resilience, Dedication and Hard work should the deciding factor while you choose your first team member.

Some of these questions needs to be answered by yourself before you choose your partner and / or team member.

  1. In what personal situation or stage of life the person is? How passionate is he / she about joining you?
  2. Is that person willing to shoulder up your responsibility and as well as stand by you and your idea during the bad times of the business?
  3. Is that person willing, open and flexible for change as working in small teams requires tremendous amount of transparency, openness and flexibility? Being rigid will be only cause harm and there will be no progression.
  4. Does he / she take conflicting situations too seriously or has learnt to move on and take each day as it comes by? As there is bound to be lots of such situations as there is no body to control your ideas and when two or more minds are involved there is going to be a brainstorming situations.
  5. Does he / she ready to accepting failure with all their heart like you do and move on to the next idea?
Of course, to be practical not all these can be looked into before choosing your partner or team member. But I am all of these can be discussed and worked out gradually if one is willing to do so.

Corporate World – My Perspective

My Past 12 years in Corporate, It’s been really a slow Life. Why so? Lots of Learnings from the mistakes that I did and of course some from other’s mistakes. What have I learned from being in a Corporate?

1) Competency

In a corporate world, whatever you do with all your heart will fetch you more work. Be competent in your current assignment. It’s the only true asset you have. That being said, it will surely fetch you lots of friends and seniors who will view you as an asset as well as a threat.

2) Relationship

Never forget that relationships in business should be business relationships. You may have a best friend at work, but the relationship will end the moment the opportunity to advance in the business is placed between you and your friend. By the way, I strongly recommend keeping romance outside of the workplace. It would only then be a healthy relation.

3) Politics

Understand that politics is a fact of corporate life, and learn to deal with it. That means you take time to understand the views of the people involved in corporate conflicts, as well as the conflicts themselves. There will be times when you have to choose between being in the right or being employed. It’s your choice and perception.

4) Organization Culture

Understand the culture of the organization, especially their expectations of what makes a good employee. They all say they believe in teamwork, dedication, hard work, etc. But look at the employees who are successful, who get the recognition, who rise quickly — they represent what the company is looking for. What do they do that you can do?

5) Communication

Everything communicates. How you dress, how you stand, how you speak, etc. If you want to succeed in a corporate environment, you have to communicate that you are the kind of employee that represents the corporate success story. It’s a mistake to confuse your personal identity with your employment. If and when you’re sacked, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out who you are. Have a life and network outside a corporate life. Make your boss look good. Understand what your boss regards as a priority, and help him or her accomplish it. Make sure that you document what you’ve done. Your boss needs the accomplishment, but shouldn’t get the credit for the work you’ve done.

6) Climb the Ladder

Corporate world is a game of Snakes and ladder. Train your replacement. You won’t be able to get a promotion if there’s no one else to take your job. Make all the effort to climb the ladder despite the snake bits. For all of the reputation that corporations are soul-sucking, back-stabbing, political jungles where you can only rise by stepping on the heads of others, they also provide employment, benefits and a bit of security that support millions of people and their families worldwide. They are not democracies, charities or therapy centers. They exist to make money, and they hired you to help them make money. That’s the deal.

Keep that in mind every day, keep your emotions in check, do your job, and if you find you don’t like working there anymore, don’t complain — just keep it professional, and move on.


— Vidya Dsouza